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Getting Started with Aureum Ear Training

Aureum Ear Training for iPad is a fun and intuitive ear training system, perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians!

Aureum uses a natural call-and-response process to develop your musical ear — listen as the app plays a musical pattern and then attempt to play the same pattern on the piano keyboard. Repeat the playback of the pattern as much as you like, and simply try again if you make a mistake. 

No experience with reading music or any knowledge of music theory is needed to get started, and Aureum provides visual hints to help teach note names and music notation. Aureum includes several tutorial levels and many other optional features to assist beginning musicians. It can provide visual hints to show the first note of a pattern, and it can disable piano keys not used in a given level.

Keep track of your progress using Game Center — compare scores with your friends and earn many different achievements. Don't use Game Center? No problem! Aureum is completely functional without an account and will still record your ear training progress. 

If you want a break from training your ear, switch Aureum into Free Keyboard Mode. Just have fun playing with the four-octave scrollable keyboard, and enjoy the realistic digitally sampled piano! Aureum is even able to play a few keyboard classics for your listening pleasure!