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Additional List Features

What if you start a quick list and realize you’d rather have those items in a specific section, or you misspell a section name, or put an item into the wrong section? ListKeeper can help you fix that! Tapping on a section name brings up the section editor and allows you to change the text. You can also use this to merge sections together by renaming one section to have the same name as another.


To fix item problems, tap the Edit button. When editing, you can change item names by tapping on the item, delete items individually, and move items, both within their same section, or to different sections. If you move the last item out of a section, that section will be deleted. You can also delete all completed (crossed out) items at once by tapping the Options menu in the lower left corner and selecting the “Delete Completed Items” button. It will verify that you really do want to permanently delete all items before continuing; if you only want them to hide, select the “Hide Completed Items” button.

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