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Getting Started With ListKeeper

ListKeeper is an app for creating, organizing, and storing lists of all types. It’s built to be as flexible as you are! This series of tips and videos will focus on different things you can do with ListKeeper.  

You probably want to get started right away making a list of your own, so here’s the very basics of what you need to know to get started. When you open ListKeeper for the first time, you’ll see several folders containing lists. Visit Categories to see how to create and edit your folders. At the top of each folder is a green plus button: . Tap that to add a new list, or tap a list to open that list. 

Each list has three ways of adding individual items (there’s a fourth way to add items, which is covered in Groups). If you just want to quickly make a list without different sections, tap the green plus button next to the list name:  and enter your item. To add a new item in a new section, tap the button on the bottom right of the screen: , enter your section and item, and hit enter or save. Once you have sections, you can tap the green button next to thesection name: to add a new item to that section. 

To use a list: Draw left to right over an item (as you would with a pen or pencil on actual paper) to cross it out, and right to left to remove the mark. You can hide the items you’ve crossed out by tapping the Options Menu button: in the lower left corner and choosing the “Hide Completed Items” button. You’ll notice that when this is toggled, items hide as you cross them out, too. Bring them back by tapping the Options Menu again and choosing the “Show All Items” button. Uncross everything by tapping the reset button:

Those are the basics! Below is a short video of these steps. 



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