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Using Groups

What are Groups? One way to think about Groups are as templates or reusable lists. As an example, if you have a Groceries category, you’re probably making lists for shopping purposes. Trying to reuse last week’s list may work for some people, but your needs may change depending on what’s happening this week. It’s a pain to go through your list every week and pick out the things you don’t need. With Groups, however, you can create different mini-lists for different types of items, such as recipe ingredients or the things you tend to run out of quickly, and then add only the items you need to this week’s list. So you might have a Group named Lasagna, which has your lasagna ingredients, and one for Lentil Soup, and one for Essentials, sort of like having a box full of index cards that you would sift through to figure out what to write on your list this week. You create Groups the same way you create lists (see how to create lists). Then, when you’re in a list, you can tap the Group Add button to add these chunks of items all at once. You can even check or uncheck individual Group items as you’re adding them, so you only add what you need. After Groups are set up, lists become very easy to make and customize quickly!



Other examples of useful Groups are: packing lists for different types of weather or destinations, daily tasks for to do lists, or outlines for weekly meetings. And new in ListKeeper 2.0, you can access any Group from any list, so you’re not stuck in one category!

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