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ListKeeper 2.0 has been released!


New version, new features! ListKeeper 2.0 has the features you requested, including: 

* Email lists as text to print, or as files to share with other ListKeeper users 
* New “quick start” button at the top of each list to make starting a list even faster 
* Move items to different sections, or combine 2 sections** 
* Move lists and groups between categories 
* Change section names in lists and groups** 
* New, streamlined interface keeps all of your lists organized on one screen 
* Access all groups from any list 
* Import ListKeeper files from other users as new lists or groups, or add their items to a list or group you already have** 

And the features you already love: 
* Cross out or delete items as you complete your list. Just swipe right to cross out an item, or left to uncross it! 
* Hide completed items when you only want to see what you have left 
* Quickly add to a list by tapping the green plus button next to the section name 
* Use the predefined categories, or create your own 
* Create as many lists in as many categories as you want - no limits! 
* Delete all completed items in a list at the same time 
* Reset to uncross all items and use your list again! 

**Requires iOS 4.2 or later 

Guides and tips available here.